It is not a miracle cure-all, but is so good you will think it is!

Especially blended with Aloe Vera, Grape-seed Oil and Vitamin E, Tom's All Natural Australian Oil of Eucalyptus is used as a liniment for fast and long-lasting relief of your aches and pains associated with...

Arthritis,  Sprained Ankles,  Bursitis,  Heel Spurs,  Carpal Tunnel,  Backaches,  Sinus Headaches,  Poor Circulation,   Tendonitis, Allergies,  Gout,  Hay Fever,  Rotator Cuff,  Psoriasis,  Head Congestion, Cold Sores,  Smokers Cough,  Insect Bites,  Chest Congestion,  Sport Injuries,  Bronchitis,  Poison Ivy/Oak,  Laryngitis,  and much more.  


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